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Recovery Series: Lauren’s Story

When Lauren landed at The Sydney Retreat, her immediate reaction was ‘Get me out of here.’ She was adamant that she still had control of her life. Afterall, Lauren still had a good job to go to. Slowly, with the help of our staff, Lauren was able to see the truth of her situation. She was a daily drinker and pot smoker who hadn’t had a sober day in years.

Every morning she took Valium just to get to the office. And so desperate was her need for a drink, Lauren would almost go into panic attacks on the way home. Hardly the resume of someone in control of her life. It was about halfway through her stay at The Sydney Retreat that Lauren heard the words that transformed her thinking. “I really don’t know much about recovery,” a stranger confided. “All I know is I wasn’t put on this earth to be suicidal and miserable.

Long a-prey to such misery, Lauren threw herself into our program. Feelings of doubt were replaced by hope. And when she returned home to the Gold Coast, she was connected with a fellowship of people that helped her through those tricky early months of recovery. “I never thought I’d have this kind of life.” Lauren reflects. “I had a mind that went a million miles an hour before I went to The Sydney Retreat. Today I know the meaning of peace”.

It was February, 2021 when Lauren became only the fourth ever guest to check into the newly-opened Sydney Retreat. She has not had a drink to this day. Like many others who’ve been freed from the bondage of addiction, Lauren spends much of her time helping others to find sobriety. ‘“My life is beyond my wildest dreams,”,’ she explains. “I simply can’t believe it”.


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