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A Rewarding Life Experience

I was fortunate to spend a month at The Sydney Retreat in March 2024. While I had some experience as a member of AA going in, I learnt immensely during my time at The Retreat. It was invaluable to be totally immersed in learning about the 12 Step Program, working the Steps, hearing from dozens of insightful speakers and enjoying daily AA fellowship. Aside from the very comfortable amenities and high-quality catering, the staff were wonderful. Led by John and Jodie, they all had an innate ability to know when I needed a chat and gave of their time so generously to all guests. I feel very fortunate to have had the experience of The Sydney Retreat. Anyone considering going should not hesitate; it is money and time very well spent for future health and wellbeing.

Sarah W

I had an amazing experience

I had an amazing experience at the Reteat. The staff are all amazing and supportive and the whole vibe of the place is so uplifting. I have gained so much knowledge in my 28 days and have had a real shift in my thinking, perspectives and attitudes since being here. Absolutely amazing food credit to Rachael!

Tiarne A

I feel very lucky to have ended up there!

I recently spent 28 days at the Sydney Retreat and it turned out to be the best experience of my life. The program is designed to work!! All you have to do is put your best foot forward for 28 days!! It’s an investment in you and your future!

All the staff and guests are extremely understanding and supportive!! It’s an amazing environment and I feel very lucky to have ended up there! Since I finished the program I have taken the lessons learnt in there into the real world and in such a short time my life is very different!! I’ve had amazing job offers and met amazing people…and have an amazing community that has my back as I have theirs. People notice the change in me and it’s given me great opportunities….and that’s for real!! And all a direct result of the program.

If your struggling in life and addiction the only place you need to take yourself to is the Sydney Retreat.

Stuart R

What an incredible experience

Hi Guys, I have just completed my 28 days & what an incredible experience. Special thanks to the amazing staff who are always there to help you. The program gives you the best tools for sobriety in absolute detail. It also creates a routine which is so helpful on the outside. The food is sensational & the accommodation & environment is very clean, tidy & relaxing. The guests in the retreat greeted me with open arms & I have truly made some life long friends. If you want to stop drinking then this place is for you. I walked out that door after 28 days a different person who understood my alcoholism. I can’t recommend this place more. Thank you so much guys & keep up the incredible work you all do. Five Stars Plus. Stewart


Forever grateful

I want to say a huge thank you to the Sydney Retreat and the amazing staff and program. I have struggled to stop drinking for many years and tried so many different things, from psychiatrists, doctors, drug and alcohol clinics, medication and nothing has helped. I hit rock bottom and my family suggested The Sydney Retreat. Not in a million years did I think I would ever end up in rehab but it has changed my life. I have come out of there and I have not just stopped drinking, but I am a more positive and happier person. If you need help this place is just for you. It is safe, comfortable, clean, amazing staff, delicious meals and the people I met in there are now friends for life.
Forever grateful.

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