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I think The Sydney Retreat is amazing, I found the staff extremely helpful and supportive.


The Sydney Retreat saved me!!!

Drinking has been a part of my like for over 30 years. I did think it was something I could overcome until I heard about the Sydney Retreat.

I have been to many detox facilities. I have tried another rehab facility. ALL DID NOT WORK.

Walking into the doors of an unknown place was scary and confronting but the care and love and support I felt from not only the councillors but the people I went through the journey with has changed my life.

During my stay I connected with people I still have a connection with today which is over 6 months on from my stay at the Sydney Retreat.
Sydney Retreat saved my life and I hope this gives you the courage to take this leap in your life as well.


A Life Saving Program

The Sydney Retreat’s program has really helped me to live happy, joyous and free. My struggles with addiction affected all areas of my life, which made me so desperate for change. I learnt about the 12 steps and the tools I can use in difficult situations to manage my life. I longer feel suicidal and worthless; and have made service to others a larger part of my life. I am so grateful to have spent time in the retreat and I am enjoying a new found peace and contentment.


Dear fabulous Retreat staff and RA’s. I just wanted to thank you.

My foster son has just completed your program and we both can’t thank you enough for the love, support and care he was shown during his time at the Retreat.

He has battled serious mental health issues for all of his young life due to severe childhood trauma and whilst getting sober was a priority a bonus was the peace he found within himself during his stay with you. So I thank you. His new support and ‘family’ have benefited him more than 8 years of therapy.

I couldn’t be more grateful You are superstars.



I attended the Sydney Retreat in March 2022, at the insistence of my brother and financial help from other family members. I had spent most of 2021 in and out of hospital, was admitted again February 2022 to intensive care (I was unaware at the time) then went from hospital to the Retreat.

The moment I arrived I knew I was in the right place, the staff, the guests and the building all felt welcoming.
I learnt a lot, I knew of AA but the intensity to which it is delivered at the Retreat made me aware very quickly that A: I was not alone or some special variety B: there was a solution.

I had plenty of people inform me that I was alcoholic but no one had ever given me a definition of what one was, an absolute breakthrough for me, I’m not lazy, it is an illness and the best know cure is abstinence. The spiritual side of things is straight forward (for me) as we are all spiritual beings, my heart goes out to those who have been brow beaten by religion.

I realized I had a choice, alcohol or a life, I want to contribute to society, I want to be trusted by my friends, I want to smile and look to the future with hope and dreams so I choose life.

Thank you to the directors and staff of The Sydney Retreat for all of those you have helped and will help in the future, God Bless.


Thank you so much, John…

That was more than I was expecting. Your words of support and encouragement mean so much to me that I can’t even put them into words. Your program has transformed my thinking and my life. I will forever be grateful.

You and all your stuff are truly the definitions of AMAZING!!! Your method of education mixed with experience and knowledge is something I’ve never seen before. I’ve been to 2x rehabs before I made the decision to try The Sydney retreat and I can tell you without a doubt that I finally understand how to live my life as a happy productive citizen.

Thank you so much to every single staff member and to all the countless volunteers that you arrange to come in and talk and attended the meetings for my/our benefit.

May God bless everyone who walks in and out of the gates at The Sydney Retreat.

Forever Thankful


I can’t thank the Sydney Retreat enough

After years of struggling with addiction & getting clean, my family found the Sydney Retreat. From the moment I arrived there, I knew I was right where I needed to be. The staff welcomed me and always treated me with dignity and respect. I felt very safe and soon realized that there could be a better way to live! I remember trying to justify my actions when I was using and realized what I was doing was not working for me…. I needed help!

The time I spent at the Sydney Retreat with all the amazing staff (including the best chef) and all the other wonderful people also going through a similar struggle to me, changed who I was. I could not be the sober person I am today without all of them. I can honestly say they saved my life. There really are no words to describe what they have done for me and for so many others that suffer daily. I now have 10 months of sobriety! If you or someone you know and love struggles with addiction, and has the willingness to change, I recommend the Sydney Retreat.

Thank you for loving me until I could love myself & helping me get my life back.


Thank you

The Sydney Retreat changed my life.

I had been dealing with severe alcohol addiction for most of my 20s. It took away my life – my mental and physical health. It took away my desire to live.

The Sydney Retreat has saved my life and I could not be more grateful. I had tried everything before coming to the Retreat, and nothing seemed to take away the indescribable desire to drink.

For anyone suffering with alcoholism, I believe the Retreat will give you the best chance at getting hold of this disease.

My family and I will forever be grateful of the work done at the Retreat – the staff and the program. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Absolutely Life Changing!

The Retreat was absolutely life-changing. I’m now 434 days sober. I’m so grateful for the program.

Jeremy M

Thank You Sydney Retreat!

As an alumni of the Sydney Retreat, It is my pleasure to offer my testimonial. My 28 days at The Sydney Retreat were a wonderful opportunity to address my alcoholism and discover the tools and way of life that will assist me in my recovery.

The Staff were very nurturing and wise. The Volunteers were generous with their time. Rachel’s cooking was superb, healthy, nourishing and varied. The program was a full immersion into AA and it is the way I intend to continue.
Thank you, Sydney Retreat, from the bottom of my heart.


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