“The Sydney Retreat saved my life.”

“I wanted to stop drinking alcohol though no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t. Year after year I was effectively drinking against my will. During my stay at the retreat a miracle happened. The obsession to drink alcohol was removed and I was supported to begin working the AA 12 step program. I’m happily sober now and with the support of other sober Alcoholics in AA I need never drink again. If Alcohol is costing you more than money and you want to stop, I highly recommend the program, and the kind people at The Sydney Retreat can help.”

 – DOM

“The 12 steps has worked for me and today I feel free, supported and strong.”
“I would like to show my immense appreciation to The Sydney Retreat. Today I am 90 days sober after years of struggling with alcohol and drug addiction. When I asked for help they were there and took me in and showed me a way to be free and sober and live my life without the struggles of addiction. The 12 steps has worked for me and today I feel free, supported and strong. I am eternally grateful for the The Sydney retreat and being shown a new way to live. I never thought I would feel content without drugs and alcohol and today I do.
Thank you for being there and believing in me.”
“I can live a kinder, more spiritual life, free of addiction.”

“The Sydney Retreat exceeded any expectations I had of a recovery facility. The experienced and caring staff were always present to ensure I felt relaxed and comfortable and to manage the 30 day program, based upon the 12 steps of AA. My mental and emotional state was a priority, as was the education I received regarding addiction and alcoholism.

The delicious food along with the warm and friendly environment, left me with lasting memories of the retreat, staff and fellow guests. I will always be grateful I began my recovery at The Retreat and was shown I can live a kinder more spiritual life, free of addiction.

I honestly recommend The Sydney Retreat to anyone who wants to give themselves the best chance of overcoming alcoholism and moving on to a brighter, more successful future.”


“The Sydney Retreat is different. It’s intimate and welcoming.”

“To go to The Sydney Retreat was the best decision I’ve made in a very long time. I’ve been to another rehab, and 2 other detox’s. They helped me stay sober for a while, but I couldn’t maintain sobriety. Life would happen & I would drink again. The Sydney Retreat is different. It’s intimate & welcoming. I was immersed in the 12 step fellowship (TSF) program from the moment I got there. I left The Sydney Retreat with the ability to pick up the pieces of my life that my drinking had broken. I am happy, healthy & sober. Without The Sydney Retreat I don’t think I would have fully understood TSF & could not be building the life I have today.

Miracles happen at The Sydney Retreat!”

   – KATIE

“Overwhelmed at the level of care and guidance she receives from your group.”

“Dear John,

Thank you for you call today following up on my daughter’s wellbeing after her recent stay at your facility.  I am very pleased to confirm that she is embracing her renewed wonder in her life and the possibilities she sees before her.  Apart from the continued contact your group has maintained with her she is also building on the benefit of a growing number of supportive and caring individuals in her local community.

With regard to myself I feel overwhelmed at the level of care and guidance she receives from your group and the wider network that you are engaged with.  As parents responding to a second flight north to pick our daughter up from an ED department we were bewildered as to what help we could secure for her to deal with her drug and alcohol use.  

Initial help came to us from a family member who put us in touch with one of their colleagues who had been through a detox and rehabilitation program who then referred us to a local lady who my daughter could speak with who she may be able to relate to.  This lady knew of your new beginnings and suggested we might like to speak with you and how you may be able to help.  As mentioned above we remain grateful for your care and guidance at The Sydney Retreat and the assistance given to us in finding you.

Best Regards”


“Not just another Detox”

“Staying at The Sydney Retreat for the 30-day recovery program was truly a life-changing experience. 

Going into the retreat, I didn’t know what to expect. The facility itself is great and all the staff are extremely welcoming, compassionate and understanding. I’m grateful that The Sydney Retreat is focused heavily on 12-step recovery and isn’t just another detox. The retreat has provided me with a fresh outlook on life, knowledge of my illness, and above all, the tools to continue sobriety in my new-found life.

Forever thankful.”


“The best thing I have done for myself in a very long time

“I am writing this to relay the incredible experience had during my time at the Sydney Retreat. I was lucky enough to be a beneficiary of the scholarship program without which I would have been unable to attend. 

The program is really well structured and the routine set me up with a positive blueprint for success in the outside world. The staff and volunteers are compassionate and caring and a constant source of support and understanding. Coming here is the best thing I have done for myself in a very long time and I look forward to a long future not crippled by alcoholism. As my husband put it, “I finally have my wife back”.



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