Our Approach

The Sydney Retreat is a 30 day intensive residential program based on the highly successful 12 Step facilitated recovery model. Using this 12 step recovery model, guests at The Sydney Retreat are interacting with people who know what it’s like to move from a life of alcoholism and addiction to a life of recovery: They are shown the way to a better life.

As well as the staff, there are people from the recovery community – people who have strong long-term recovery and they will be supporting our guests throughout their 30 day stay. This is how it works so effectively at The Retreat in Minneapolis the program The Sydney Reteat is modelled on.

The path to recovery is elusive. If it was as simple as an alcoholic or addict realising they need to stop drinking, getting the help that they require and then remaining sober on the strength of some counselling or group sessions at a drug and alcohol treatment centre, then the relapse rate wouldn’t be so high.

According to Dr Stephen Jurd, director of the Sydney Retreat, the success of the Sydney Retreat model is in the application of the 12 Steps of recovery, and exposure to the recovery community.

The 12 Steps are so successful because they focus on a new way of life. When the drinker changes their attitudes and changes their behaviour, the staying sober part, which always seemed so elusive, all of a sudden becomes possible.

We provide an immersive, supportive, 30 day intensive program modelled on The Retreat USA. Our primary goal is enabling our clients to understand and practice the power of the 12 Step recovery program.

Chain of Care

Our people

We are a group of men and women who believe that the 12 Step program can lead you to freedom from alcohol and drugs. We recognise the urgent need for an affordable residential facility that provides a solution to alcoholism and drug dependency.

Daily Program

TSR daily programme

The Sydney Retreat applies a non-clinical, mutual-help approach to the problem of alcoholism and drug dependency. We offer a comfortable and supportive environment that engages and educates our residents in the guiding principles of the 12 Step recovery program.

Our Approach

Our evidence

A newly released Cochrane Review into Twelve Step Facilitated recovery (TSF), found “high certainty evidence” that TSF programs that were designed to increase participation in Alcoholics Anonymous can lead to higher rates of continuous abstinence over months and years.

Staying at The Sydney Retreat for the 30-day recovery program was truly a life-changing experience. Going into the retreat, I didn’t know what to expect. The facility itself is great and all the staff are extremely welcoming, compassionate and understanding. I’m grateful that The Sydney Retreat is focused heavily on 12-step recovery and isn’t just another detox. The retreat has provided me with a fresh outlook on life, knowledge of my illness, and above all, the tools to continue sobriety in my new-found life.
Forever thankful.



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