Ongoing Chain of Care

Ongoing Chain of Care

What do I do after I graduate from the program?

While the emphasis of your stay at The Sydney Retreat will be your engagement with recovery members and your work on the 12 steps of recovery, we are very aware that there are other challenges that you will need to address when you leave.

By far, the most effective resources for anybody commencing a life in recovery are the 12 steps and the recovery community.

Most of us have had accommodation, financial, relationship and employment difficulties that we need to work our way through. The problems caused by our drinking and drug use don’t get resolved over night – there is bound to be a period of reconstruction ahead. But soon you will come to realise that you’re not alone. Stay close to the recovery community by attending plenty of meetings and talking to your mentor or sponsor. Utilise the wealth of experience that members of the recovery community have to offer and piece by piece you will start to put your life back together.

Sober living and recovery will be a new experience for everybody in your life. Give it time.

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Consistency works

Our experience shows that early in recovery, the desire to drink or use drugs again can return with surprising force. For this reason we teach that the key to successful, long term recovery is ongoing engagement with the recovery community. In Sydney there are 400 recovery meetings each week. There are morning meetings, lunch time meetings, afternoon meetings and evening meetings every day of the week, and participation in these is vital to the recovery process.

During your stay you will develop your own detailed recovery plan to cover the period after you leave. Your recovery plan will guide you through every challenge that you face.

Stay connected with us after you have returned home

The Sydney Retreat welcomes and encourages past guests to return for weekly get-togethers and family BBQs. These get-togethers help will help you to maintain an ongoing connection to the principles and practices of recovery.

It will also give you an opportunity to meet with the friends you met while you were a guest at The Sydney Retreat and to support new members and guests who will be encouraged by your progress. When The Sydney Retreat program is up and running an ongoing calendar of events will be available here on our website.

I wanted to stop drinking alcohol though no matter how hard I try, I couldn’t. Year after year I was effectively drinking against my will. During my stay at the retreat, a miracle happened. The obsession to drink alcohol was removed and I was supported to begin working the AA 12 step program. I’m happily sober now and with the support of other sober Alcoholics in AA I need never drink again.

If Alcohol is costing you more than money and you want to stop, I highly recommend The program and kind people at The Sydney Retreat can help.



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