A Purpose Built Facility

A Purpose-Built Residential Retreat

If you want to fast-track your recovery while minimising the risks of potential relapse, there’s no better way to do so than to choose a residential treatment program. Similarly, to boost their chances of success, people dependent on alcohol and drugs are often advised to leave their homes and stay in a less distractive environment. That said, private residential, unlike public rehab centres or outpatient treatment programs, allow patients to concentrate on getting their lives back on track and nothing else.

Another benefit to attending a private residential treatment is the level of privacy you or your loved one enjoys while focusing on recovery. Breaking bad habits can be challenging and requires extraordinary effort – one that may require getting out of the comfort zone to succeed. However, when patients are placed in a new environment where there’s no judgement, and everyone is focused on achieving similar goals, it becomes easy to push harder, express vulnerability, and even ask for help.

A fully renovated, purpose-built facility designed to ensure our guests have a comfortable and safe stay while they recover.

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28 Day Residential Treatment

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Daily Schedule

Healthy Eating

Ongoing Chain of Care

Our Approach


Along with our purpose-built kitchen and eating areas, we have a 20-bed accommodation section.

The accommodation section includes fully accessible rooms and facilities for people with a disability.

Most guests will be sharing a room. There are some single rooms with ensuites but access to those will depend on their availability when you book.

Healthy eating

Eating healthy is an integral part of the program. Delicious healthy meals and snacks will be provided from our purpose-built catering kitchen. Provision for food allergies is available upon request.

Meals are eaten in our shared communal spaces, the dining room or the outside terrace.

On Sundays, you’ll share a BBQ on the lawn with family and friends.

Meeting Areas

The Sydney Retreat facility includes several beautiful purpose-built meeting areas.

These warm and comfortable meeting areas are a feature of The Sydney Retreat facility and will allow you to fully engage in the daily program.

Our recovery model encourages many connections with people from the recovery community, so we have meetings, standard rooms, and breakout areas for group gatherings and one-on-one conversations.

Through practising the daily program and interaction with our staff, volunteers and each other, you will leave The Sydney Retreat ready for a new life.


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