30 Day Residential Drug & Alcohol Recovery Program

Why Choose a Residential Retreat? 

Several rehabilitation programs can treat alcohol and drug addiction, from the group and individual counselling to short-and long-term residential and outpatient programs. Out of all these programs, residential treatment programs have the highest success rates, thanks to the intense care and support, focused attention on patients and minimal distractions – which would otherwise hurt the treatment and recovery progress.

We support people who know they have an addiction by providing focussed time-out from daily distractions and practical solutions for long-lasting sobriety.

Acknowledging the need for drug or alcohol treatment is one major step to starting and succeeding in a drug rehabilitation program. For many patients, the challenge is getting started with the treatment. And once in the treatment, a new challenge begins, i.e., staying in the treatment program long enough to break free of alcohol or drugs before getting their lives back on track. 

 At the Sydney Retreat, we understand that recovery from alcohol or drug addiction doesn’t end at a rehabilitation centre. This way, we pay attention to the aftercare program just as we do to our in-house residential session to ensure patients continue with the chain of support, physically, emotionally, and psychologically.

Our Approach to Care 

At the Sydney Retreat, we’ve modelled our 30-day residency program based on three cornerstones of alcohol and drug treatment. These three key aspects are:

  • Immersion: Here, we help our patients focus on recovery while setting life goals that sync with who they are, their capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses. They learn how to live a purposeful life while taking part in things that satisfy them internally. By living a life of immersion, they can master everything about drug addiction and take better control of their lives.
  • Education: Through the help and guidance of our professional counsellors, patients are equipped with the knowledge, resources, practices, and skills they need to succeed during the recovery process and lead a satisfying and fulfilling life afterwards. 
  • Ongoing care: Treatment and recovery don’t end at residential rehab centres; instead, it’s a continuous process that takes effort and consistency to call it a success. Through our recovery community, we help patients understand this so they can embrace the value of continued self-education and self-realization in living a purposeful life post-recovery.

During our 30-day stay at The Sydney Retreat, our team of professional counsellors and supportive ecosystem will help you or your loved one speed up treatment for fast and sustainable results. As highlighted above, our approach to care ensures that you break the addiction cycle by setting recovery goals and having someone that will hold you accountable until you successfully achieve those specific goals.

 Breaking free from drugs isn’t the end goal; in fact, it’s just one step to reinventing yourself. Once you’ve conquered the cravings for alcohol or drugs, you can then learn more about your addiction and the science and habits behind them. By exploring these triggers, you can better understand yourself and even make deliberate efforts to root them off your daily life. What follows next is to build new habits and establish healthy boundaries. 

Here is how we help our patients achieve this milestone:

  • Building new habits – Good habits are difficult to create but simple to break, while bad habits are simple to develop but hard to break. At the heart of our residential program, we help patients understand this reality — so they can avoid quick fixes that will only work against them in the long run. By understanding the nature of drug and alcohol addiction and setting goals to build new habits – one step at a time – it’s possible to replace bad habits with new habits.
  • Establishing healthy boundaries – Balancing work life, personal life, family and friends’ time is a significant challenge for everyone, and most people, especially addicts, often take a shortcut to avoid these realities. To help patients take better care of themselves and their loved ones, we help them understand the importance of building and integrating meaningful relationships into their lives. That way, they can better manage their time and pay attention to other things in life such as family and self-care instead of obsessing about one thing and risking losing the balance of the critical aspects in life.

Let Us Know How We Can Help 

 Regardless of your position or state in life, reaching your goals is possible. At The Sydney Retreat, we make alcohol and drug treatment a feasible process, a life journey rather than a destination where you access help from professionals who deeply care about you, your family, and most importantly, your progress to having back control to your life. By sticking with our 30-day residential treatment, you are making a deliberate decision to work on yourself, to better your future, and take charge of what truly matters – your life!

We take pride as one of the best residential treatment centres in Australia, and we’re committed to changing your life and that of one of your loved ones. Contact us today and learn more about our 30-day residential program along with the other services we offer.


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