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The Sydney Retreat and the 12 step program as pioneered by Alcoholics Anonymous

You may have been to a drug and alcohol rehab before, only to drink and take drugs again some time after you returned home. Many people can stop using drugs and alcohol for a period of time; the challenge for most people is committing to it.

The model adopted by The Sydney Retreat is a departure from the clinical approach that is used by other drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres. The Sydney Retreat gives our clients the opportunity to have regular contact with members of the recovery community who have managed to stop drinking and taking drugs.

At last we have a dedicated 12 step recovery facility in Sydney

Dr Stephen Jurd is an addiction psychiatrist, advocate and leading authority on alcohol and drug addiction treatment in Australia.

A few years ago Dr Jurd began working with a group of professionals and interested business men and women to bring The Sydney Retreat, a not-for-profit, residential, 12 step recovery center to Sydney.

The Sydney Retreat is modelled on the highly successful Minnesota based Retreat USA.

The model used by The Retreat provides you with a design for long term sober living. Not only will you be provided with the tools to stop drinking and using drugs, you will become a part of a community who help one another to get sober and stay sober.


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