A new not-for-profit residential facility for recovery from alcohol and drug dependency.


We are a group of professional and business men and women all with experience dealing with the problems around drug and alcohol addiction.

Aware of the urgent need for reasonably priced facilities for alcoholics and addicts we established The Sydney Retreat. We became an incorporated charity in 2015, with the goal of becoming a not-for-profit residential facility for recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Led by eminent psychiatrist Dr Stephen Jurd, with specialist expertise in addiction treatment and a shared understanding that profit-making companies and government facilities are unlikely to provide what is needed, we aim to bring about long term solutions for addicts and their families.

We recognise the urgent need for an affordable residential facility for recovery from alcohol and drug dependency.

The Sydney Retreat represents a non-clinical, mutual-help approach to the problem of alcohol and drug dependency. The Sydney Retreat is based on a highly successful model that originates from Minnesota. Our supportive, educational setting is grounded in the spiritual principles of AA. The result is an innovative residential recovery continuum providing time-out from daily life, in a safe and supportive environment, to study and practice the 12 Step principles and connect to the recovery community.

We invite donors to become part of this initiative and help fund the project to realise our goal of opening in early 2020.

Our initial supporters contributed enough money for us to design a program along the lines of the highly successful Retreat USA organisation, www.theretreat.org and buy a licence from them. Further donations meant we could purchase the building in Stanmore, design the facility and lodge a Development Application for purpose built communal areas and accomodation. Our progress is steady, we invite all to become part of the next phase of making the project a success and improving the lives of people suffering from addiction.