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At The Sydney Retreat you will be in constant contact with people who have recovered from alcoholism and drug addiction. They are all people who have been clean and sober for a significant amount of time. To benefit their own recovery, they have a desire to help others to achieve sobriety. Your residency at the Sydney Retreat includes guidance through the 12 step recovery program and lots of contact, including one to one contact, with members of the recovery community.

A team that’s deeply committed to addiction recovery

The people that you meet are people
who have recovered.

Sober living is best demonstrated by those with experience. We base our program on one sober person in recovery sharing their experiences and success with another person. Everyone that you meet at The Retreat has gone through the same 12 step recovery process as you’re going through and they want you to succeed. They have found recovery from alcoholism and addiction and they now lead happy, fulfilling lives.

For alcohol and drug addiction treatment, we value outcomes and experience over the clinical intervention model offered by other rehabilitation services or drug and alcohol rehabs. So while we don’t provide assessments or clinical counselling services as such, The Sydney Retreat has a network of mental health professionals in the community. If you are in need of these services we can help.

Led by Dr Stephen Jurd, specialist addiction psychiatrist.

Dr Stephen Jurd has been instrumental in developing and establishing successful addiction recovery services and 12 step recovery centres in Australia and the US. He developed the Royal North Shore Hospital Drug and Alcohol Services from 1984 to 2006 and founded the Phoenix Unit, a prominent Minnesota model rehab which he went on to direct for 14 years. Dr Jurd is currently founder and Chairman of The Sydney Retreat’s Board.

In addition to founding and establishing rehabilitation centres, Dr Jurd chaired the section on alcohol and other drugs for six years and was the inaugural chair of the Subcommittee for Advanced Training in Addiction Psychiatry.

Dr Jurd is also an active trainer and educator in the field of alcohol and drug addiction treatment. Since 2006 he has shared his expertise as Director of Postgraduate Training in Psychiatry in northern Sydney and as chair of the RANZCP Committee for Training from 2008 to 2014. He has been granted the title of Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Sydney.

Dr Jurd advocates strongly for 12 step facilitated recovery for recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism. He considers the Sydney Retreat to be one of his most important achievements.

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