Our evidence

Based on a proven model

The Sydney Retreat is a program based entirely on the highly successful 12 step facilitated recovery program run by The Retreat in Minneapolis USA.

The Retreat in Minneapolis has been operational for 20 years and its success rate far exceeds that of any other public or private alcohol and drug rehabilitation program anywhere in the world.

High rates of sobriety

After attending The Retreat’s 30 day program, 59% of people are still sober after 12 months which far exceeds the low recovery rates attributed to other rehabilitation centres that apply other types of treatments.

The Sydney Retreat is an immersive 30-day residential recovery program. The first of its kind in Australia.

Supported by independent, highest quality research.

Independent researchers also endorse the efficacy and success of residential twelve step facilitated recovery, compared to other forms of treatment. Cochrane is an unaffiliated, international network of researchers that perform systematic reviews of medical evidence to improve health outcomes and healthcare practices around the world.

A newly released Cochrane Review into Twelve Step Facilitated recovery (TSF), found “high certainty evidence” that TSF programs that were designed to increase participation in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) can lead to higher rates of continuous abstinence over months and years compared to other treatments.


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