We provide an immersive, supportive, 30 day intensive program modelled on The Retreat USA. Our primary goal is enabling our clients to understand and practice the power of the 12-Step program of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Research clearly shows that long-term recovery from alcoholism is determined by the person’s depth of engagement with Alcoholics Anonymous. It’s not the rehab, it’s not the staff, it’s how well they become connected with AA that will give them long term, quality recovery.
— Dr Stephen Jurd, Chairman, The Sydney Retreat

The Retreat data continues to be some of the strongest, most compelling data the evaluation team has seen in over twenty years of evaluating a variety of addictions programs. Past guests continue to speak highly of their time at The Retreat and with a reverence towards the experience seldom seen.
— Dr. Thomas L. Moore, CEO, Herbert & Louis, LLC

Many optimistic claims are made by treatment facilities but it’s vital that the claims are based on reliable, independent studies.

It will take a number of years before we can provide statistics to show the efficacy of our program. We have put in place systems to record our guests’ recovery rates, and methods to analyse the data accurately. In the meantime, refer to studies on the success rates of the facility we model ourselves on; The Retreat in Minnesota USA.

The Retreat in Minnesota USA