What do I do after I graduate from the program?

Just about anyone can stop for a while, but continuous abstinence takes a lot of care.
— Steve Townsend, Company Secretary, The Sydney Retreat

Our experience shows that early in recovery, the desire to drink or use drugs again can return with surprising force. For this reason we teach that the key to successful, long term recovery is ongoing engagement with the recovery community. In Sydney there are 400 AA meetings each week. There are morning meetings, lunch time meetings, afternoon meetings and evening meetings every day of the week, and participation in these is vital to the recovery process.

During your stay you will develop your own detailed recovery plan to cover the period after you leave.


Return home

Most of our guests will be keen to return home after they graduate from our program and for most people this will be the best solution. Long term success relies on ongoing engagement in AA meetings and Sydney Retreat get-togethers to maintain an on-going connection in the principals and practices of recovery.

Move in to sober housing

The Sydney Retreat will offer sober housing options for our guests who finish our program but don't wish to return to their previous living arrangements. Until these houses are stablished we can arrange suitable accommodation in existing sober houses. These are very affordable and provide a strong connection to the recovery community and friendships with people in similar situations.

Stay connected with us

The Sydney Retreat welcomes and encourages graduates to return for weekly get-togethers and family BBQs as part of the recovery continuum. When The Sydney Retreat program is up and running an ongoing calendar of events will be available here on our website.