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We need your help to save lives and reduce the social impact caused by alcoholism and drug addiction.

Chronic health problems, broken relationships, lost jobs, business failure, homelessness, domestic violence, police intervention and jail terms can all be attributed to excessive drinking and drug use.

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You can help reduce the impact on families and society.

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How can you help

We are an independent, not-for-profit 30-day residential alcohol and drug recovery program with a 20-bed facility. The current 30-day residential recovery program at The Sydney Retreat costs $9,500, including GST.

While our fee of $9,500 is meagre compared to private rehabilitation centres that offer other types of programs, it is still out of reach for many, especially for those who need us the most.

We have established a Scholarship Fund which we hope will provide 20% of our capacity annually to those most in need.

If our Scholarship Fund can raise just over $200,000 per year, we could financially assist almost 50 guests who perhaps have nowhere else to go and cannot afford the cost of their recovery.

Every $ of the donation will go directly to the Scholarship Fund. All scholarship funds will be used solely to help make The Sydney Retreat recovery program accessible for people without the resources to help themselves.

Your support means we can help more people. Learn more today.

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The Sydney Retreat replicates the model used by the world’s most effective drug and alcohol treatment facility – The Retreat in Minneapolis, USA.

After a 30-day residency at The Retreat, 59% of graduates are still a drug and alcohol-free after 12 months – a rate which is at least five times greater than the success rates associated with other types of treatment.

We believe, as do many professionals working in the field of alcoholism and drug dependency, that The Sydney Retreat has the potential to help many people on the path of recovery and sobriety if they are given the opportunity.

But don’t just take our word for it. An independent Cochrane review of Twelve Step facilitated recovery programs like the Sydney Retreat states that “participation (in a twelve-step facilitated recovery program) leads to higher rates of continuous abstinence over months and years compared to other treatments, including cognitive behaviour therapy.”

Our CEO or Board Members are always available to provide you with any further information you need. Learn more today.

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Need Help? Call us on 02 9171 2920

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