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Why The Sydney Retreat For Alcohol & Drug Addiction?

In July 2014, a group of dedicated professionals and recovered individuals pooled their financial resources and experience and began planning The Sydney Retreat. This shared commitment and generosity have created an affordable, accessible and effective residential recovery service to help alcohol and drug-dependent individuals recover.

The Sydney Retreat is much more than your average not-for-profit drug and alcohol treatment centre. All staff and volunteers have recovered from alcohol or drug addiction and are there to support and guide you through your recovery program. There is truly no one better to support your recovery journey than those who have successfully walked the path before you.

The Sydney Retreat is a life-changing experience.

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Why Residential Alcohol and Drug Treatment?

Residential treatment programs are widely regarded as the most effective way to combat drug and alcohol addiction. These programs are designed to help individuals fast-track their recovery and reduce the likelihood of relapse. The key advantage of a residential treatment program is the environment that it provides. Unlike outpatient programs or public rehab centres, residential programs offer patients a less distracting environment that allows them to focus entirely on their recovery journey. This level of focus and concentration is critical when battling addiction, where distractions can derail even the most committed individuals.

Residential treatment programs are the best option for anyone looking to overcome drug or alcohol addiction. With their supportive environment, privacy and confidentiality, and expert care, these programs provide the ideal conditions for individuals to reclaim their lives and begin the journey to lasting recovery.

Residential Recovery At The Sydney Retreat

The Sydney Retreat offers an evidence-based 28-day recovery program in a purposeful, comfortable and supportive 20-bed accommodation facility. Our accommodation includes fully accessible rooms and facilities for people with disabilities, and most guests will be sharing a room, although some single rooms have ensuites.

Recovery means being free from drug and alcohol dependency and living the life you’ve always wanted. Our expert team at The Sydney Retreat will guide you through the 12 Steps of recovery while introducing you to a community of members who have long-term sobriety, fostering connections that can last long after your stay with us.

Whether you are struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, our program is tailored to help you achieve lasting recovery.

The Sydney Retreat Approach

Our Approach

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28 Day Residential Treatment

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Daily Schedule

Ongoing Chain of Care


Every week at The Sydney Retreat, guests attend a discussion with addiction medicine specialist, Dr Stephen Jurd. In his Addiction and the Brain lecture series, Dr Jurd hears one question over and over again – Why can’t I moderate my drinking and drug use like everyone else? The answer pertains to a small and ancient part of our brains known as the reward pathway. And this part of the brain reacts differently among addicts and alcoholics.

Absolutely Life Changing!

The Retreat was absolutely life-changing. I’m now 434 days sober. I’m so grateful for the program.

Jeremy M

A Life Saving Program

The Sydney Retreat’s program has really helped me to live happy, joyous and free. My struggles with addiction affected all areas of my life, which


Thank You Sydney Retreat!

As an alumni of the Sydney Retreat, It is my pleasure to offer my testimonial. My 28 days at The Sydney Retreat were a wonderful


Thank you

The Sydney Retreat changed my life. I had been dealing with severe alcohol addiction for most of my 20s. It took away my life –


The Sydney Retreat saved me!!!

Drinking has been a part of my like for over 30 years. I did think it was something I could overcome until I heard about



I attended the Sydney Retreat in March 2022, at the insistence of my brother and financial help from other family members. I had spent most


I can’t thank the Sydney Retreat enough

After years of struggling with addiction & getting clean, my family found the Sydney Retreat. From the moment I arrived there, I knew I was


Dear fabulous Retreat staff and RA’s. I just wanted to thank you.

My foster son has just completed your program and we both can’t thank you enough for the love, support and care he was shown during


Thank you so much, John…

That was more than I was expecting. Your words of support and encouragement mean so much to me that I can’t even put them into


From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you

“As a wife and working mother of a 3 year old, I thought my life was too busy and complicated to go into a 30

Lisa JP

Life Changing Centre

The Sydney Retreat is more than just a wonderful treatment centre, but a LIFE CHANGING centre. The 12 step program literally has saved my life

John Stone

A sober life is possible

The Sydney Retreat completely changed my recovery. For the first time I feel I really understand the disease of addiction and can see the path


A future with some hope

I was very grateful to spend 30 days at The Sydney Retreat (TSR) in April/May 2022. I had reached a low point in my struggle


Internal Love and Strength

“Abstaining from alcohol was just one gift I received by attending The Sydney Retreat. The real blessing is that you’re given the tools to find yourself, to


Best thing I’ve ever done for myself

I was lucky enough to be a beneficiary of the scholarship program without which I would have been unable to attend.  The program is really


Overwhelmed By Support

Thank you for you call today following up on my daughter’s wellbeing after her recent stay at your facility.  I am very pleased to confirm


I´m very grateful

I’m very grateful for the calls and for following up on my daughter’s wellbeing after her recent stay at The Sydney Retreat. I am very


A life-changing experience

Staying at The Sydney Retreat for the 30-day recovery program was truly a life-changing experience. Going into the retreat, I didn’t know what to expect.


The Sydney Retreat saved my life

I wanted to stop drinking alcohol though no matter how hard I try, I couldn’t. Year after year I was effectively drinking against my will.



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