The Sydney Retreat

The Sydney Retreat will provide an affordable, accessible, 30-day residential alcohol and drug recovery program based on the world’s most effective approach, the 12-Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.


The Sydney Retreat is independent of AA which does not affiliate with or endorse any outside organisation.


Recovery starts here

This unique facility will open in early 2020 and will provide the ideal environment for people from all walks of life to recognise and understand what their problem is and give them the tools they need to solve it so they can lead useful and productive lives after they leave the program. It’s one thing to get sober, it’s another to stay sober.


Become part of this initiative that has the potential to help hundreds  of suffering alcoholics and addicts every year. 


Our project is the first of its kind in Australia.


Our people

We are a group of professional and business men and women all with experience dealing with the problems around drug and alcohol addiction. We recognise the urgent need for an affordable residential facility and support for recovery from alcohol and drug dependency.


Our approach

The Sydney Retreat has a non-clinical, mutual-help approach to the problem of alcohol and drug dependency as used in the highly successful Minnesota model. We offer an immersive, supportive, educational setting using Alcoholics Anonymous principals.


Your support

We need financial contributions to realise our goal of opening in early 2020. Our progress is steady, our building in Stanmore has been purchased, we have charity status as a not-for-profit incorporated company. Your donation is a chance to bring about change.


Our approach to recovery is three-fold.



Providing relief from life’s daily pressures to focus on recovery.



Arming people with the tools and skills needed for success.


Peer support

Developing a lasting engagement with the recovery community.


 Our residential recovery program is not open yet, but you are welcome to contact us now to talk about The Sydney Retreat.