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We offer programs and support for individuals and families struggling with alcohol and drug addiction.

“The Sydney Retreat saved my life.”

“Abstaining from alcohol was just one gift I received by attending The Sydney Retreat. The real blessing is that you’re given the tools to find yourself, to re-engage with your soul, your family and your community.

I thought my defects were mine alone and that no one else understood me. How wrong I was, it turns out everyone in the retreat including the staff were just like me. I entered the retreat with one goal, to give up alcohol. I left the retreat a new person and with a new sense of belonging”.

– DB

Why the Sydney Retreat?

The Sydney Retreat is a non-profit organization with a brand new recovery centre located in the Sydney suburb of Stanmore.

We offer a proven and successful evidence-based 30-day residential recovery program to help alcohol and drug-dependent individuals recover.

Recovery means that you can stop using alcohol and drugs and you can start to live useful, functional, and happy lives.

You will be introduced to members of the recovery community with long-term sobriety and you will be guided through the 12 Step recovery program.

What we do

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residential recovery program

30 Day Residential Recovery Program

TSR Daily Program

TSR Daily Program

Ongoing Chain of Care

Ongoing Chain of Care

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